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A quantum leap forward in biomass fuel

What Do We Make?

A proprietary burner system with engineering services to integrate our product into a complete supply to customer ecosystem. We act as integrators to select the most efficient way to process feedstock materials ad turn them into Summerhill-certified powder. We work with our customers to keep cost of entry very low, and payback for initial outlay very fast.

Features & Benefits:

• Instantaneous, complete combustion = smokeless, odorless

• Controlled flame

• Simple on/off thermostat controls

• Easy retrofit to existing burners

Who Is It For?

Our targeted customers and partners are bio-refineries, agricultural processing plants, farm cooperatives, biomass fuel producers, municipalities, military installations, landfill operators and agricultural end users. Commercial customers within range of our certified processing plants are also target customers.

Why Do They Need It?

Our technology supports the lowest-cost path to plant-based alternative energy, and inexpensive biomass which can be burned more cleanly than coal, and more economically than propane or oil.

Why Is It Better?

A decentralized, regionalized production model decreases transportation and logistics burden of cost, making powder fuel a commercial reality.

Problems We Address

• The need for viable alternatives to the capital-intensive process of other types of biomass fuel production • High transportation and infrastructure requirements of all feedstocks for bio-fuel

• The amount of fossil fuel required to produce a gallon of bio-fuel

• High cost to build new centralized bio-refineries

• Economic alternative to propane and heating oil

• Risks associated with one feedstock for bio-fuel production .


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